Timmby.com [tim-bee]…the art of Tim Bonette

Artist Statement

Tim Bonette

(aka) Tim B, or Timmby

Art is my key for accessing and exploring my personal spirituality.

Connecting to energies larger than my own and bringing them out to be shared with others.There exists a spiritual force or urge to create that I cannot escape nor deny.

With a very subpar high school art teacher, an exceptional high school ceramics teacher, countless community college art classes, as well as my own natural desire to try and explore new artistic thoughts. I have grown a solid foundation, and am now blossoming into my own.

My main influences are skateboard and graffiti cultures with their youthful abandon, with added bits from hot rod and surf cultures. Specific genres and artists that have inspired include low brow, pop surrealism, op art, Kandinsky, Mondrian, and Lee Mullican all for various elements of their approaches or bodies of work.

Seeking perfection all the while accepting flaws, each piece is part of my growth and expansion as a human being, and an artist. My current body of work, broken down to the most elementary level, stems from minimizing elements of traditional graffiti and forcing  them to stand on their own.  With a strong blue collar work ethic I am part of every element of these works. From cutting panels or stretcher bars to size, mounting the panel or stretching canvas, the painting itself, then building and finishing the frames. I am attached to these pieces from their conceptual birth to their maturity.

Then the viewers experience and interaction with the image grows more life into each piece than I could have imagined.