Timmby.com [tim-bee]…the art of Tim Bonette


A lot has changed in my artistic pursuits since the last iteration of the site, I honed in on some concepts that make me very happy.

I am currently in progress on 3 series, that will remain my focus for an indefinite period.

*Abstract Swirl Series – Fun, one-off single session paintings done in spray paint, with hand cut stencils, on canvas or panels.

*Photorealistic Flower Series – Spray paint done with a mix of freehand and stenciling, on canvas, based on my macro photos.

*Abstract/Photorealistic Freeway Series – These are mixed media on panel, based on my photos of freeway overpasses. Stripped down to the beautiful lines created by rigid utilitarian concrete, which guide the line work in the flat planes of color in the background.

Lastly, my frame building has lead to more woodworking knowledge and wood projects. (Which I may add into the portfolio pages)